1. Birthday dinner ! @themirf @slutlust xo (at Lucky Strike)

  2. Pussy Posse Part Deux (via the useful for once @alexkazemi) (JOKING AK) (at Planet Hollywood, snap!)

  3. All hail the Pussy Posse and my new favorite friend nancy Jo sales who so inspired me yesterday #icon (thanks @alexkazemi)

  4. Hey @themirf lets smile and wear hats , mine is death you look wicked cute hooray (at TriBeCa)

  5. The Camel Thief & The Coral Reef. U like that @slutlust so does ol Simon and schuster!! (at casa marnell )

  7. I LOVE YOU CREW @bumble and co gangsters @johnnyhaeger (cut) @zoewiepert (color) @sespinal88 (bf of bangster) (at Meatpacking District)

  8. The Blue Fairy is always across the street in the trees waiting to make you a Real Boy, Alexis…. (at Spring Street Natural)

  9. Too indignant to re-hydrate … Well , okay. (#Mason #8monthsold! #instaboxer #animalnephews) (at Stuy Town)

  10. Sorry Mason you cannot chase the pigeons and yes -ironically - bitchy fascist yentas who scream at us when we walk on the ungated mulch-y areas here roam free. #gofuckyourselves #imean #causenoonelseisfuckingyou (at Stuy Town)

  11. Dawn @lizathorn

  12. Oh @lizathorn my credit card was so boring that we lost it I think

  13. Dressed in all black with a gat in the lap Lunatics in the street gotta keep the street (at Bushwick)

  14. The @juliafox__ effect #legend #muse #obsessed #sex (at Lit Lounge)

  15. With my BFF @jlibas who tells me to get a conplicated projector & audio system instead of a TV but literally doesn’t know how to use instagram (at Lit Lounge)